Stand Up Challenge


There’s a sitting epidemic – the average American spends nearly eight hours a day sitting. All this time tied to our desk chairs leads to harmful metabolic effects, and the bad news is that exercising won’t undo them. We’ve shared just how important incorporating frequent movement is into your workspace. Relax The Back wants to take it a step further and challenge our readers to stand up at your desks. Try dedicating a few hours of your workday to standing while working, making sure to start small and gradually increase over time.

If you’re unsure and intimidated by the thought of spending more time on your feet, we recommend our adjustable Sit-to-Stand Desk. It adjusts smoothly on the brushed steel base, going quickly and quietly from a low of 25” to a high of 52”, allowing you great flexibility in your work habits. At the push of a button, it quietly converts from a regular sit-down desk to one that lets you stand tall. You can have the best of both worlds without compromising quality and desktop space.

To better encourage our readers, Relax The Back is giving away a Sit-to-Stand Desk in our “Sit, Walk, Move” giveaway on Facebook. In the meantime, try thinking on your feet and let us know your progress on our Facebook page or Twitter (@RelaxTheBack). You’ve been warned however – dancing may ensue when working on your feet.