Relax The Back Celebrates 30 Years


30 years ago, in 1984, the first Relax The Back location opened in a small house in Austin, TX. What started as one retail store has grown into nearly 100 franchise locations across the United States and Canada. Built on physical therapist Robin McKenzie’s philosophy of back and neck self-care, Relax The Back believes in patients taking control of their spinal health by strengthening, stretching, and supporting the spine throughout the day.

In 1986, Virginia Rogers bought Relax The Back and began to transform the business into what it is today. As an avid traveler who experienced back pain daily, she did not want to let pain control her life. After using Relax The Back products, she found relief and took control of her chronic back pain. She wanted to share this knowledge to help others live pain-free. Many franchisees started as customers who found relief using our products and want to provide this relief to others.

Relax The Back began franchising in 1989, when professional basketball player and former Antonio Spur, Coby Dietrick, became the first franchise owner.  Being an NBA player, he experienced constant back pain due to his height and career in basketball. He too found relief and was transformed by the Relax The Back lifestyle.

One of first stores in Austin, TX was formerly a women’s boutique.

Today, a core value and top priority has been maintained since we first opened our doors – providing individualized attention to all of our customers in order to pin-point what their specific pain relief needs are and help them find the proper solutions. Our ties with the medical community have strengthened our ability to provide product solutions to improve our customers’ outcomes. Through proper ergonomics, neutral posture support, and education customers can find daily relief from pain and discomforts. 

To celebrate 30 years of providing ‘round the clock relief we are giving away 30 prizes over a 30-week period in our “30 for 30” Facebook Giveaway.

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